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Why use a pet sitter?

Your Pet Will Be Comfortable & Safe At Home

  You love your pets and when you are not able to be at home caring for them, 1st-Rate-Pet will be. Whether you are unable to be home because of work, vacation or some other reason, you won't have to worry about your pet when 1st-Rate-Pet is there. Instead of using a kennel or trying to get someone you know to pet-sit, call 1st-Rate-Pet and be assured your pet will get plenty of love, care and attention while you are gone,  in the comfort of your (and their) own comfortable, clean, safe home.

Advantages For Your Pet:
Less stress:  Your pet is comfortable in its own home, and it is often traumatic for animals when they are hauled to a kennel or some other surroundings.  By hiring 1st-Rate-Pet, your pet stays where it feels most comfortable and secure - at home.  You let us know the pet's schedule, and we will follow it, assuring your pet stays happy, healthy and relaxed in its own familiar territory.
No “travel” trauma for you OR the pet.  No worry of your pet getting separated from you and getting lost in an unfamiliar place far from home.
No exposure to the illnesses of other animals that may be present in a kennel or other boarding environment.
Personal attention: When we visit your pet, it will get 1 on 1 attention from a loving caregiver who will feed, love, groom, play  games and exercise your pet using instructions you specify.
Advantages For You:
Free initial consultation in your home to discuss your pet care needs, meet the pets, complete the necessary paperwork, and go over your instructions.
No worrying about what to do with your pet while you are busy with work or travel planning.
Security: Your pet sitter will continue give your home a lived in, protected look to deter potential break ins at no extra charge.
Other services available:  If you wish, our service includes watering plants, light housekeeping duties, retrieving mail, taking out garbage, and more. Just let us know what you want done while you are away.
Affordability:  If you have more than one pet, we charge per visit, not per pet. 
Peace of Mind: While you are away you can feel confident that your pet is being cared for with love and getting the attention it deserves!  You can look forward to coming home to a happy, healthy pet.
Here is an article on pet-sitting from the Humane Society of the United States, in case you'd like to learn more about this business.
  Clients Reviews:
"Excellent with the animals!
  We have 7 animals (5 dogs, a parrot, and a cat.) to care for and we are so very pleased with the care that Julie gives them.
They all love her and get excited when she comes. She gives them all the love that we give them and they are not even upset
when we leave. She also does an excellent job of taking care of our house when we are away. We have had her for week
long overnights and we are so thankful that we found her. She is very trustworthy, dependable, and honest. She keeps a
daily diary so that we know what is going on. She also takes pictures of them, which we enjoy. We could not be happier.”
By Marsha (Inverness, Florida). 07/01/2012
  Just stopping by to say that this is the BEST, most considerate, friendly and trustworthy Pet Sitter you will find. They took
care of my 26 cats in October and I admit....I was worried. The first call from Julie and all worries were erased. She called
while at my home and even sent me pics of the kitts. I could even hear them meowing! Total satisfaction!! AND the porch
where 21 of them live looked like it does after I get through scrubbing it. Perfection! Above and beyond should be their
motto! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for being there for us.
Oh, the cats say "Meow" ;)  11/16/2012
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