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Referral Program
Interested in a little extra money?

1st-Rate-Pet will pay you for giving us business in the Ocala, Florida Area.

Here's how it works:
  For every new customer that 1st Rate Pet Services receives from your referral you will receive a gift certificate to use on your next service or give it away to some one as a gift.  It's that simple! It's like getting paid for mentioning how you like our service.

For Customers:
  Once you become a customer of 1st Rate Pet Services you can refer your friends to us & we will give them the same special service for their pets as you will have come to appreciate from the 1st Rate Pet Staff.  You will receive business cards in your black folder from 1st Rate Pet Services & on the back of the card you will have a place to write your first and last name or customer number if you prefer, this will let us know who to give the free gift certificate to.


                                Click on the Tell-a-Friend button and your referal will automaticly be tracked.

Referral pay rates:

Pet Sitting Service: For each new customer who signs up & pays for 5 days or more in services, 1st Rate Pet will pay the referrer a $20.00 gift certificate (drop in visits do not qualify). 10 days will qualify for a $40.00 gift certificate.

Dog Walking Service: After 10 walks you will receive a $20.00 gift certificate.

Overnight Service: If the new customer needs someone to watch their pets at home overnight for at least 4 nights you will get a $20.00 gift certificate.

Pet Taxi Service: This service is rarely used but 1st Rate Pet Services will give you gift certificates for referrals on this service also. 1st Rate Pet will pay out 10% of any one taxi service.

Poo Scooping Service: This service varies greatly and you can earn a $10.00 gift certificate of the initial cleanup and if the new customer continues with regularly scheduled clean up for 1 month, you will earn another $20.00 on a gift certificate of the first month of service.

The pay outs can even get better believe it or not. You can also combine the rates for a better pay out. If a new customer books more then one service on the first job, it will add up.

New customer books 1 week of pet sitting, 1 week of overnight service, & one time poo scooping service ($20.00 + $20.00 + 10%) That's over $40.00 in gift certificates for just one customer.

*Payouts will very with each new customer.
*Only a one time free gift certificate for each new customer referral who books service.

All customer referrals are paid with "1st Rate Pet Services Gift certificates".  These can be used buy you or they can be given away to some one who would enjoy having 1st Rate Pet come over provide services for them.

For Businesses:
  If your business has customers who own pets, they may need one or more of our services. This program can be a great addition to the services you offer that will entice your customers to keep coming back to you.

  You will receive business cards from 1st Rate Pet Services & on the back of the card you will have a place to write the company name. If you would rather place brochures in an area for your customers to pick up, I can print up some with your company name, & phone number on them if you wish or you can add your own stamp, and when a customer hires my services & lets me know it came from you by showing me the brochure, I will show you and your employees how much I appreciate the business by doing something special for them (lunch cook out or bring in some subs, we can discus the best idea for employee appreciation).  Depending on how many employees you have working for you will determine what services will need to be booked by a client to pay for a special lunch, cook out, ext... 1st Rate Pet Services will open an account for your business and keep a tally of services booked and when a certain margin is met to pay for a special day then we will arrange a date and time to show up for the appreciation meal.

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