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Business Policies and Expectations

  This page outlines the business rules and regulations. These may be updated from time to time.

  Service Area:
1st Rate Pet will proudly service the following cities in Florida:
Anthony,  Belleview,  Beverly Hills,  Black Diamond,  Citrus Hills,  Citrus Springs,  Crystal River,  Dunnellon,  Emathia,  Fairfield,  Fellowship,  Hernando,  Inglis,  Inverness,  Lady Lake,  Marion Oaks,  Morriston,  Ocala,  Pine Ridge,  Reddick,  Silver Springs,  Silver Springs Shores,  Sparr,  The Villages,  Wildwood,  &  Williston
                                                  (Services are limited in some cities that are further away from Ocala)

  FREE Consultation with Pet Sitter: Please allot a 1½ hour time slot. A 1st Rate Pet Sitter will come to your house to do an initial consultation and let your pet(s) become familiar with the pet sitter and set up what services would best suit your needs. As the pet owner, you are required to inform 1st Rate Pet Services of any behavior problems (past or present) that we might encounter with the pet. Once we start taking care of your loved ones we will do everything possible to make sure they are as comfortable as they are when you are at home. We have seperate policies for each type of pet.   -Read More-

Pet Waste Removal: A pet waste removal specialist will meet with you at your property and go over the different options for your needs. He/she will do a initial evaluation and cost of services to get your property clean of pet waste and how we can best keep it that way. 1st Rate Pet Services has several options to help with what you want to do and what would be the best solution for you and your budget.

  Satisfaction: 1st Rate Pet Services strives to give you the best pet service you can possibly have. if you are not totally satisfied please bring it to our attention immediately so we may address the issue.

Safety & Care Issues: The safety of client, pet and care givers is of utmost importance. Members of 1st Rate Pet Services will do everything possible to assure a safe and secure environment while visiting your home and caring for your pet(s)/property. Our pet sitters will not leave any windows or doors unsecured when they leave your home. Our waste removal specialist will make sure the yard is secured when they finish the job. If there is any issue with safety to your pets or home, the pet sitter will attempt to contact you to go over any actions that may need to be taken.

  Cleanliness: When the Pet Waste Removal Specialist is finished cleaning your yard, he/she will clean the tools used before leaving your yard to go to the next clients house. This insures that germs do not get transferred from one property to the other. The tools will be wiped down again with sterile wipes before cleaning starts on the next job. 1st Rate Pet Services is proud to be clean and green!

  Vaccinations: 1st Rate Pet requires that your pet be current on all of their shots. We may periodically check with your vet for an update on your pet's status. This is necessary to prevent the spread of contagious diseases from house to house. If your pet's health status has changed, please let us know as soon as possible.

  Emergency Contact: Please do not leave your contact information in your house. We will have all your information on file along with the key you put on file. If you need to change information, please do so on your account at LeashTime and call the office at (352)566-7817 to make sure the correct people have the information.

  Pet Accidents: Please be accurate on your pets schedule. If the pet sitter finds that your pet is having accidents and it may be because of the number of visits per day, 1st Rate Pet will inform you and go over options to add an extra visit at the regular rate.

  Extra Pets: 1st-Rate-Pet does not charge for extra pets but we may require a longer visit in order for your pets to get proper care and attention. Please do not leave someone else's pet at your house without first filling out an additional service contract and scheduling a visit from your pet sitter so the pet can become familiarized with the pet sitter. If an additional visit is required,  a "drop in" fee will be added to your bill.

  Return Home: Please inform 1st-Rate-Pet as soon as you return home.  If not informed and pet sitter makes a trip to your home you will be charged for that visit. If you end up staying away longer then expected for any reason, do not forget to inform us so we can make sure your pet keeps getting the love & care they need.

  Right to Refuse: 1st-Rate-Pet has the right to refuse service for any reason. Possible reasons for us to refuse service may include but not limited to unsafe animals, unsafe environment, non payment, or availability.

  Regarding Last Minute Cancellations: 1st-Rate-Pet will need to enforce this policy because every time you are scheduled for a visit, it takes that time away from another client. This is especially true if you book an extra day and return early because you did not need that extra day of services.

  Regarding Holidays: 1st-Rate-Pet is very busy during the winter holidays (November & December) so book early, the earlier the better. Book at least 3 months ahead if not sooner. Cancellation policy above is strictly enforced. The legal agreement and pet sitting web page  show what days are not refundable. Any scheduled visits that have a Thanksgiving or Christmas Holiday visit in them will be invoiced immediately and the invoice will be due no later than 30 days before the first service date in order to secure the visit dates.

  Regarding Last Moment Scheduling: Because of the high volume of last minute scheduling we have added the following policy:
For more than 1 visit needed there will be a last minute scheduling fee of $10.00 added to invoice for scheduling less than 14 days from the first services date. A $15.00 for 3 - 7 days notice. $20.00 for anything less than 3 days notice. This is a single fee, Not per visit fee.
If you only need 1 visit within 14 days, there will be a $5.00 fee.

These policies are in conjunction with our "Legal Considerations" form.
Devision of 1st Rate Services LLC
Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
0-72 Hrs
Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
4-7 Days
20% of Service total is due (80% refund)
8+ Days
No charge, refund in full, except Holidays
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