Instructions & Application

· Hiring for Ocala and the surrounding area.

Please follow these instructions carefully in order to get an interview for hire.

Please follow all the instructions! One of the most important aspects to getting and holding a job is to follow the instructions given to you. So many people fail to follow the instruction and their job application just falls into the trash. If you want to have a chance to work for our growing business or any business actually, please read everything and maybe do a little extra research into the company if you would like to impress the interviewer. Thank you & hope to talk to you soon.

Fill out the application from the link below. Do not forget to attach a Résumé to your job application(Attachment method is in the job application form).

Requirements for Résumé:
Please write up a Cover Letter & Résumé. You do not have to worry about going and paying someone to make you a fancy Résumé. Just be creative, honest and make sure it is representative of you. Add anything to your Cover Letter & Résumé that is not asked for on your employment application that may help you get an interview. Also make sure you follow all the instructions provided, failure to do so will not get you a call for an interview.

Cover Letter:
· Make sure to place your contact information on your Cover Letter.  Name, Address, Phone Number, & E-Mail. Make this Cover letter a personal story about you and what makes you perfect for this job, keep it creative, and make it interesting & informative. Have information that is not included on your Résumé or job application. Make us want you as a person who will represent 1st Rate Services L.L.C.

· Name, Address, Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, & E-Mail.
· Education (Optional)
· Professional Work Experience of last 5 jobs (Company Name, Address if known, and Dates of employment, Job Title, & Job Duties). List if we may contact any of your previous supervisors for a reference?
· Additional Professional Activities (Any jobs you have done in the past that associates to working for 1st Rate Services L.L.C.)
· Hobbies & Interest (Optional)
· References (Personal or Job Related)
If you have a blog or other web media that has information that you would not mind sharing (no personal private sites please) please add the web address (this is totally optional! & will not disqualify you from the hiring process).

Your Cover Letter and Resume must be saved as one form in your computer or on a web based platform. There is a form attachment button within the application.
Please do not call us for this may disqualify you for an interview!
Job Description