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Our #1 concern is keeping you, your pets & the environment healthy!
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Company Philosophy
Be Transparent:  The owners of 1st Rate Pet Services decided at the very beginning to not hide anything and to make everything we do clear to the client. As I tell many perspective clients, everything about us and our company is in print on our website and it is always being updated.

Be Honest:  Honesty is always the best, and only, policy we believe in. Without honesty, it would be impossible to provide the best care possible to the loving pets that depend on us day in and day out. We want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are away knowing their beloved pets are being cared for by trustworthy, kind hearted individuals who truly care about the pets and the needs of the customer. 

Be Educational: In order to give the best pet care possible we are always learning as much as we can about the pet industry and the best ways to care for pets.  Among other things, we research the best ways to handle individual situations that might arise with your pet, and we keep updated on recalls and health concerns so we can pass our knowledge on to you to assure your pet has the happiest, healthiest life possible.
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